Grace's Rosary:

After being purchased at an antique store in Italy a few years ago, the previous owners stated that once they returned home with this large, beautiful wooden rosary, they started to hear strange things coming from the room where the rosary rested. They claimed to hear a woman speaking and sometimes, she was even heard singing. Frightened by these events, they decided to call in help from a friend of theirs who was a paranormal investigator to examine the rosary.

The initial investigation yielded an EVP of what they claim sounded like an older lady saying, "God be with you." At this point, the owners decided it was time to pass the beads to their friend, who in turn passed it to another paranormal team by the name of R.I.P. (Researchers and Investigators of the Paranormal) who run the site known as Haunted Crap on Facebook. This is the site where I purchased the rosary and is also the same place where Kendra was originally purchased by her previous owner.

Once  R.I.P. had the rosary, they conducted a couple of investigations to see if they would be able to get some sort of paranormal activity from them. They stated that when they did finally receive activity, it was from their spirit box with just one word, "Sancti," (Latin for Holy), and a reactionary response through EMF spikes when they recited Latin words or phrases.

Could the nun, who we have affectionately named Grace, be the original owner of these beads and is she still holding on to them during prayer from beyond the grave? Or is there something more sinister afoot?