Say hello to Kendra.

Purchased originally from Haunted Crap on Facebook, this vessel with the angelic face, honey colored hair and burning green eyes, is said to have the spirit of a young girl named Kendra attached to her. It is believed that Kendra passed away sometime within the last 20 years.

The last owner said that this vessel has been extremely active for them with EMF detectors, pendulum boards and/or spirit boards. There are also claims that she tends to show herself as a fleeting shadow figure, only to be seen out of the corner of your eye. For now, this is the only information we have on this vessel until we are able to do a thorough investigation of her.

Keep watching for more updates on Kendra as we find out more about her and try to discover why she is attached to this eerily beautiful doll.

Frustratingly, ever since Kendra arrived, I haven't been able to record like I was every night. My cameras have been shutting off, my computer has frozen and it has even been randomly restarting, but only overnight. Even when I would try to catch a video of her on my phone, something would mysteriously freeze it.

This morning, she finally let me record her making our Mel meter spike upon request. What do you guys think? Do you think this was just a coincidence, or do you believe Kendra was communicating with me?