(As of the end of 2020, Elaine has been re-homed, therefore there will be no further updates or information regarding this vessel.)

Meet Elaine.

"... EVERYTHING in my roommate's storage bins was completely thrown onto the ground. Right in front of our eyes..."

This doll, made in 1934, was purchased from an oddities parlor in Delaware by a previous owner. I have been told that this owner gave the story that the doll is possessed by the spirit of a young girl named Elaine who sadly, at the tender age of 5, lost her life to Polio. Their belief is that Elaine likes to use the doll as her way to move about this realm because she never got the chance. Here is what that owner had to say about the doll:

"I’ve lived with Elaine for a year now. She has never been harmful, however she can be stubborn sometimes. If she does not get the attention or care she needs, she will get upset just like a little kid. The oddities parlor where I found her had many stories of her moving things around and hiding things. While I have never seen the doll itself physically move, I’m no stranger to her tricky ways. She always hides my things. Things as small as headphones to as large as my clothes and other larger belongings. It’s truly the only explanation. Some days I would come home from classes where I had used my headphones all day - I even used them on my walks home so I knew I didn’t leave them behind and I would put them down on my desk but when I went to look for them later they were completely gone. And that happened with many other things. She eventually returns things, she just likes to play.

"When I was living in a dorm during college, my roommate and I were relaxing in one of our beds watching a movie. All of a sudden EVERYTHING in my roommate's storage bins was completely thrown onto the ground. Right in front of our eyes, we watched the items on the shelves be knocked to the ground. And mind you - the shelves themselves were not knocked over or collapsed. They stood firm, but all of the belongings on the shelves from top to bottom and back to front were on the floor. Alternatively, she can be very sweet, as well. Once she led me with knocks to an item I had misplaced.

"At the parlor where I found her, the shelves and walls are totally packed, filled with decorations and oddities to sell. They have a lot of expensive objects like skulls, vintage medical tools, EVP tools, old medical records, etc. So, they have these three old African masks hanging up on the wall, I’m not sure what they’re made of but they are ancient and very delicate. One day they came to unlock the shop and one of the masks that was hung on the wall was found placed INSIDE of one of the glass display cases. Why would anyone do that?! If it was an intruder, surely they would’ve stolen something but nothing was taken! Another day, they had just installed a library section. Not all of the books were on the shelves yet, but it was replacing Elaine's resting spot at the time. They came in to find every book on the floor! Again, why would anyone come in just to put books on the floor? They could’ve vandalized anything in there or stolen a book stealthily without making their theft obvious. It had to be Elaine."

After having Elaine in her care, Jennifer, the woman I am adopting Elaine from says that she doesn't feel like this entity is a child at all. In fact, she feels that this spirit is a negative one that is a liar and a manipulator. Join us as we delve into this upcoming investigation and we enter into the world of Elaine. Will we get the to the bottom of who this spirit truly is and help their soul to finally rest in peace, or will this entity prove to be too much for us to handle?