This is Charli, or so we have come to call this doll. No one knows her real name.

Isn't she beautiful? With her chestnut hair and those big beautiful eyes colliding together to create a statuesque vision of innocence.

However, we would urge you to use caution and not let those baby blues fool you. It is said that behind those eyes resides an evil, possibly even demonic entity. One that can influence your emotions and actions.

We do not know it's name, we do not know why it is bound to the doll. All we know is that a previous owner said this spirit wanted to physically hurt them, but wouldn't. Follow along with our investigations as we try to figure out …more.

9/27/20 - It felt like it took forever for her to get here, but, after a little more than a week, she finally made it yesterday around noon! I was so excited when the notification came that she had been delivered!

I carried her in and set her on the table in my office and waited for my brother (Travis) to arrive to help me unbox her. We used the Mel meter around the box before opening to see if we got any spikes on the EMF or in temperature, but there was no change. We opened it, removed the packing and pulled her out. As I was straightening her hair, I noticed that she has some significant damage to her head (thanks USPS), so I will be needing to get her fixed ASAP. She has been fairly quiet thus far, but after such a long trip and arriving with a damaged vessel, I assume she might need some time to adjust.

 We did record a bit of the unpacking but our audio didn't turn out at all, you can hardly hear us. As soon as we noticed the damage, we immediately stopped recording, took photos of her head and put her in her case to avoid making the damage worse. We placed one of the motion light balls at her feet and 2 more on either side of her.

Wanting to see if I could get a response, I proceeded with the dowsing rods and asked her if she was upset that her vessel was broken. I received a brief yes, and nothing more, so I decided to try another method, pendulum dowsing. She indicated to me that she would like for me to fix her vessel and that she would like to talk to us at some point but was not ready to talk just yet and she also let us know that she didn't want our full spectrum camera or light on her. She then got quiet again for a little bit, however we noticed that a few times while no one was anywhere near her or the stand she is on, that the light balls were lighting up and one of our cameras was kind of going crazy. So, we decided that we were going to go check out an antique store in Omaha and give her some time alone. I wanted to make sure she was okay with us recording from our web cams while we were gone, so I asked with the pendulum if it was alright and she indicated yes. We made sure the cameras were set up, let her know that we would return shortly and headed for Omaha. My two children were here while we were gone with our dogs, but the room that my office is in (which is off limits to them unless I'm home) is an old converted garage that is on a concrete slab, so anything the kids or dogs may have been doing inside should not have set off the light balls.

Later on, I was going through the video that we took while we were gone and found that within a few minutes of us leaving, and for almost 8 1/2 minutes following, she was lighting up the motion balls. Then nothing for the rest of the night.

I recorded in the office overnight while we were all asleep like I normally do and when I checked the video, found absolutely nothing happened. The light balls didn't light up once and it was eerily, uncharacteristically quiet in my office all night. We usually get quite a bit of noise whether it be the house settling or something unseen trying to get our attention, but the only sound was the white noise of the camera.

9/29/20 - Again, I recorded last night. This time, it seems I have caught a large number of random clicks overnight. Some are louder than others and there are far too many to try and create a video out of it to show you all of them, but I will make a small clip later on today of the video so you can hear the clicks and a few other strange noises that I caught. Frustratingly, I cannot figure out what is causing the clicks or where any of the noises are coming from. Thankfully, we are expecting new cables today, so we can hook up the other 2 cameras we have so we can hopefully get the entire room under surveillance.

10/3/20 - There has been very little activity surrounding this doll and scarce communication between us over the last week, with only one or two questions answered when several have been asked and now and then the light ball will light up. However, we have only been together for one week today, so I will continue to be patient and give her more time to become more comfortable. Last night I pulled out the dowsing rods again because I wanted to try to have a talk with her to let her know that I would be bringing in a new doll named Elaine who was coming from the same home she came from. I asked her if she was okay with this and the rods indicated a negative, but she hasn't responded to me at all when trying to communicate with her since then. I feel like I am most likely going to have to keep these two separate from each other as to not cause any serious problems, but I will have to wait and see how things go when she arrives. Elaine is said to be pretty active and tends to throw fits when she isn't getting attention and I don't want to take too much time away from this beauty, so I will have to make sure I balance my time with them well. 

10/4/20 - I was finally able to have a conversation with the doll this morning. I was presenting potential names to her and using the pendulum board to receive her answers. I sat for almost an hour going through names, starting with the suggested ones in the Facebook group. Each time, I got a no. That is, until I just spouted out Charli. Suddenly, I had a yes and we had a name for this little beauty! I am glad I no longer have to refer to her as "the doll".

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Below are raw photographs from the first night's investigation. Forgive the quality, we were using the full spectrum POV camera in low lighting. None of these photos are edited. Let us know if you see anything in the comments below!

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Christopher Renenter
7 months ago

She looks like she's in good hands which is great and thank you for giving her a great home 👻🖤🤘

Jennifer Lynn
7 months ago

Thanks for adopting this beautiful vessel.. 👻❤
I acquired her from a fellow haunted doll collector whos been extremely overwhelmed with negative spirits so she wanted to downsize and had little information from the previous owner.. so i decided to bring take her off of her hands.. only having her for a week we did 3 sessions with her in our basement is where i kept her away from my other spirits .. during those sessions we used dowsing rods and necrophonic app (highly recommended btw) we found out that its a non human entity.. male..demonic.. he confirmed that he is indeed malevolent (evil) and does want to hurt us (said he wont but to be honest i dont really trust him) one of our sessions in the basement with the lights out at night, we lit candles, gave herb and crystal offerings (they can use the energy from these and from you as well) and started our session.. we seen a shadow (which was a first for me.. i was glad to see something with my own eyes) and our lights flickered. During the sessions i get very lightheaded and dizzy.. if youre sensitive you will get lightheaded too... i hope you enjoy her and remember to always stay safe.
Ps.. she is bound to this vessel.. not attached which means her freedom is much more limited..
Good luck sweetie you know im always here 👻❤

Jennifer Lynn
7 months ago

I absolutely adore this... shes beautiful.. enjoy her and be careful