Mini Investigations

Ridge Cemetery - Fremont, NE - 9/22/20

We decided to go to a local graveyard called Ridge Cemetery because we have heard lots of stories about happenings there and we wanted to go find out if we would be able to see or hear anything while walking through. When we arrived, it was already twilight, so it wasn't long before the sun ducked under the horizon and we were in almost total darkness. We walked around taking video with our POV camera and our full spectrum and IR lights, while taking readings with the MEL meter and using the spirit box only to discover later that the footage was unusable because you couldn't hear us at all. Luckily, we were able to snap a few pictures so we at least had SOMETHING to show for our efforts (see above images). In the last full spectrum picture above of the mausoleum, we believe we see something in this picture that we didn't see while we were there, but we want to get your opinions on them without tainting what you see. We even went back the next morning to try to recreate the same angle of that picture to see if we could see anything inside of the door that could have caused us to see something that isn't actually there.

Seven Sisters Road  - Nebraska City, Nebraska - 10/10/20

Just outside of Nebraska City is a road known as Seven Sisters Road. Legend has it that more than a century ago, in the middle of the night, a brother (or father in an alternate version) dragged the girls one by one to the seven hills on the road. There, he hung them all from trees, one on each hill. The sisters are said to still haunt this road, many people claiming to hear screams of the sisters and feel their presence. In more extreme cases, including our team's experiences, cars have stalled.

We had pulled over the the side of the road and turned the truck off so we could listen for any noises and walk the road a bit. We got back in and tried to start it back up and it didn't want to turn over. It finally did (thankfully) and shortly after, while driving back past the same area where it died, we started to smell something burning. We pulled off to the side of the road again and got out to find that the truck was smoking. We decided then that it was time to go before we pushed our luck and the truck completely died. Once we left the area, we had no further issues with the truck at all.

We also had extreme fluctuations on the Mel meter on that same part of the road and a little further down, as well, while we were driving and walking and experienced temperature fluctuations of 15°-20°.

Is it haunted? We can't say for sure, but there is definitely something going on at the Seven Sisters Road.