Our Equipment

Here is a list of the tools and equipment we currently have:

-Mel Meter

-Small Drone w/ Camera

-Handheld cam with IR/Night Vision

-S Box Ghost Box + Recorder

-Wide Angle IR Light

-Dual IR & Full Spectrum Light

-Full Spectrum POV Cam

-Spirit/Ouija Board (Only for contacting spirits attached to our haunted collection)

-Dowsing Rods

We are working hard to try and expand and update our collection so we have all the proper tools at our disposal. Donations through Venmo or PayPal are always welcome and appreciated! All donations go towards purchasing new tools and upgrading our current equipment.

Quite a few of the tools we have were purchased at Ghost Stop

They have awesome products for anyone interested in investigating paranormal activity!

Go explore their site and see what they have to offer!