Out of Body Paranormal Investigators

We have all gathered around campfires or huddle up in our dorm rooms on a stormy night with friends, gasping and screaming as we hear those old, eerie tales of ladies in white gliding through a foggy cemetery at night, or the ghostly co-ed that needed a ride home after the school dance. It's a tradition as old as time itself.

Still, it seems that long after our goosebumps fade away, as our pulses return to their normal rhythm, we are all left with that one nagging question...

"...are ghosts real?"

Out of Body Paranormal Investigators is a group co-founded by Travis and Crystal, a brother and sister duo out of eastern Nebraska, who have set out in attempts to find evidence for themselves to answer just that. They have armed themselves with science along with a few tools and instruments that are said to detect anomalies that are paranormal in nature to investigate (upon contract) private residences and businesses.

Outside of providing this service cost free to their communities, they also conduct their own mini investigations into local areas that have been alleged to have paranormal activity, such as Ridge Cemetery in Fremont, NE, Seven Sisters Road that lies just south of Nebraska City, NE and the abandoned town known as St. Deroin and it's cemetery which both lie within the Indian Cave State Park. Coming up on May 14th, the team is going to be doing an overnight investigation at Malvern Manor in Malvern, IA. 

The team also does work with the allegedly haunted collection that Crystal has. These items are said to be inhabited by various spirits and/or entities. 

Come along with us on our journey into the paranormal world.

Our mission statement:

Out of Body Paranormal Investigators' mission is to aid individuals and administrators of public sites by offering our confidential paranormal services at no charge.

Services provided:

  • Investigate to find the source of the unexplained phenomena reported in homes, businesses or public facilities
  • Collect reliable documented evidence of paranormal activity and unexplained apparitions
  • Expedite a compatible resolution to troublesome paranormal energy when contracted
  • Help whenever we can; if we can't, we will help to find someone who can
  • Offer Support to those in need
  • Remove any unwanted items that have negative energy bound/attached

We created this site for believers to have a safe place to share their thoughts. We also have a Discord server as a safe place to talk with others who are like-minded about the paranormal. We aim to keep everything non-judgmental within our group.
We do not want others to worry about being able to afford our services, so we are a non-profit Volunteer Group. We will investigate and report back directly to you with our findings. You will receive a copy of all the evidence obtained during our investigation and anything we post will be kept anonymous unless otherwise agreed upon.


*Please click here to get in touch with us or email us at outofbodyinvestigators@gmail.com